Unique solutions designed and built by Jim Lindquist and his team.

In the middle of Giltner, Nebraska there is a building that can create almost anything out of metal. The building is the base of operations for Jim Lindquist and his staff.

Satisfied customers will tell you that you can bring Jim any concept, and he will make it a reality. He is very innovative; his imagination allows him to build something new that's never been developed before.


Jim has built Hi-Boys, Harvest equipment, and an extension for a Sidewinder, among other things. Jim uses his engineering skills and years of farming knowledge to help farmers find the exact answer that they need.

Jim Lindquist also excels at repairs. It can be time-consuming and expensive when machinery breaks down. Instead of buying new machinery, you can take your repairs to Jim and his staff. They have the parts and the know-how to get your machinery fixed and back in the field quickly.

Photo by kzenon/iStock / Getty Images