Load grain quickly with minimal damage using the Lindquist Loading Conveyor

At harvest time, many grain elevators temporarily store grain on the ground. We built and serviced large tractor-mounted augers for many years and noticed the large amount of grain damage caused by the over-sped augers and the high maintenance required for the equipment.


Everyone seemed to be satisfied with this except for a custom operator who was dissatisfied with the maintenance problems. He needed a maintenance-free, high-capacity, gentle machine.

We designed a 36" belt conveyor with a large-diameter, low RPM delivery auger. We mounted this system on a new idea Uni-System tractor. The multi-purpose power unit carries and powers the loading conveyor perfectly. Over the years we have improved this machine by increasing the capacity and efficiency.

  • The climate-controlled cab and swivel seating ensure safe, efficient operation.

  • Control the height and speed of the auger and conveyor separately with a high-volume double pump manipulated with levers.

  • Handle more than 300 granular bushels per minute, and move bags with ease.

  • Lower the conveyor to get through low doors, or fold it down flat for transport, servicing, or use as a package conveyor.

  • Drive with two or four-wheel drive at any speed up to 14mph.

  • A nationwide network ensures accessible, quick service.