About Lindquist Inc.

Jim Lindquist and his staff are ready to design, build, or repair what you need.

When Jim Lindquist was twelve, his Dad bought an implement dealership, leading Jim and his brother into farming. From there they went into custom harvesting, haying, grain harvesting and forage harvesting.

In those days, the machinery you bought wasn't exactly what you needed. With encouragement from family and other farmers they set out to change this, to make existing machinery work better for the farmer's needs, and even create new things that weren't available to get the job done.

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In 1969, Jim moved to Giltner, Nebraska to start his "blacksmith" business. Over the years the agricultural equipment has grown larger, and Lindquist Inc. has met that challenge with building and equipment expansions. Lindquist Inc. is one of the most modern, well-equipped facilities in the state, able to handle most any repair, fabrication or modification needed.